Muzzleloader's hunting and equipments
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 Books written by Toby Bridges

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PostSubject: Books written by Toby Bridges   2011-12-22, 14:30

Those books are about muzzleloaders and hunting.Here the list:
Black Powder Gun Digest(1972)
Advanced Muzzleloader's Guide(1985)
Custom Muzzleloading Rifles(1986)
Successful Muzzleloader Hunting(1995)
Advanced Black Powder Hunting(1997)
Muzzleloading(1st Edition) (1998)
Muzzleloading(2st Edition (2002)
High performance Muzzleloading Big Game Rifles(2003)

also other book published:
Complete Book of Whitetail Hunting(1999)
Hunting America's Wild Turkey(2001)
Hunting Record Book Buck(2004)
and co-wrote :Pronghorn Hunting(2000)
There is also a manuscrit to be published one of these days if economy get better.

Beware of the hunter with a one shot weapon.
He surely knows how to use it.
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Books written by Toby Bridges
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